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    "Search & Recovery"    &    "Treasure Finders"

    WE are Looking / Asking for Locations.
    To search with our Metal Detectors.

    We need Permissions from Owners to search areas

    This could be....
  • Properties:  Family,  Relative,  Friends,  Churches
  • Inheritance:  Who knows what has been buried (Underground Bank Vault)
  • Fields:  Pastures,  Base Balls,  Soccers
  • Empty Lots:   Where a House / Buildings used to be or before the build
  • House to be demolished:  Let us check the area first

    Looking in the 209 AREA

    We will NOT Destroy any Properties
    The area will look as good or even better then when we arrived.

    Contact us..

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    Middle Of the Valley
    Merced County Ca.